The 2023 President’s Challenge will be “Have a Heart”.

Please create something “heart” related.

Anything and everything heart is welcome: quilts, bags, wall hangings, table runners, scale replica of the human heart made from heart fabric, etc. (Just kidding about the scale replica of the human heart.)

Whether you choose to create a heart-themed quilt – or use heart-themed fabric – I look forward to seeing your creations!

This guild is filled with members who are constantly giving because of their huge hearts. Just look at the variety of charities being supported through our Community Outreach! Please continue to show kindness and patience to each other this year. We are all volunteers and doing our best – so let’s not be judgmental – instead let’s keep offering a helping hand/heart to each other and lift each other up.

We will be displaying these heart challenge projects at our December 2023 meeting.

Sandy Elfreth-Howery